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Many postgraduate students would like to have more frequent attention from their supervisors'. However, supervisors' are becoming increasingly burdened with increasing student numbers, more scripts to mark, more students to supervise, more teaching hours, journal articles to write, etc. In unstable economies, supervisors' may additionally have to ‘entrepreneurize' to fill in the gaps. The net result of all these issues is that in practice, many students to a large extent, work on their own and therefore seem to have very little idea of what is expected of them in their theses. In areas where the required language may not be the students' first language, this increases the problem of a coherent thesis, not to mention other factors like students' and supervisors' unfamiliarity with computer usage and the internet age. All these factors can sometimes pool together to create lower standards and suggest that as with other fields, theses supervision is becoming a specialized one.

Thesis Advisory devotes itself principally to supervision of postgraduate theses from a broad range of subject areas. It fills in the gap for personal advice and direction, maintaining the strictest standards in a humane manner, and pointing out to the student, the requirements of an examiner.

Theses Advisory not only assists with written theses, but also helps to prepare postgraduate students for their viva voces.

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