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Curriculum Vitae(Engineering) Personal Data Name:                         Philip Engmann,  Degree:                      BEng Electronics & Telecoms[1] Job Description:       Enterprise Solutions Design Engineer Experience:               Nineteen (19) years Managerial, Technical and Quality experience/ Vodafone-Ghana Co. Ltd. Postal Address:         Box LG 412, Accra, Ghana Telephone:                233-20-200-1808 (mobile)                                               233-27-731-1494 (mobile)                                    233-21-405747 (fixed) 



Work Experience

 Vodafone-Ghana Company LimitedTelecommunications Switching and Quality Engineering & ManagementJanuary 1993 up till now Over nineteen (19) years experience in Telecommunications Management, Quality, Maintenance, Project Management, and Network Planning of Hitachi, Neax and Alcatel Networks. Tele-traffic network monitoring, planning and design.  Currently, Enterprise Solutions Design Engineer Mobile                       IN—Intelligent Network, Unicorn InterfaceFixed Network          CMBS—Customer Management & Billing Systems, IN—Intelligent NetworkDAS—Directory Assistance, Pre-paid, smartfoneBroadband                 Huawei, modemsBilling Enterprise                  High Value CustomersBPO                            Business Process Outsourcing—ECG (Electricity Company Ghana)  Positions Held General Manager of Back Office Technical/ Vodafone-Ghana Call Centre Chief Engineer, Technical Quality Management SPoC SPoF Vodafone-Ghana National Network Service Transition Engineer Head of Projects/Pernec Switches Head of Planning/Switching Network Head of Achimota Switch Head of Dansoman Switch  Professional Body Membership Member of the Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE) Member of the Ghana Institute of Information Technology (GIIT) Founder of the Ghana Internet Service Providers Association (GISPA)  Professional Achievements Advocated change of National Telecommunications Policy from narrowband to broadband Advocacy on the issue of CIC (Communications Information Infrastructure) Founder of the GISPA (Ghana Internet Service Providers Association)  Project Manager, Call Centre BPO[2] Project—ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana)[3] Project Manager, Enterprise Customer Project  Project Manager, Call Centre Fibre-Optic Network Redundancy Project  Post-Graduate Short Courses  Management CoursesCall Centre Management Training & Knowledge Development, 2008Project Management, 2008Quality Management, 2006Management/Leadership Course, 2005Project Management, 1998Total Quality Management, 1997 Developing Managerial Skills, 1994 Tele-Traffic CoursesTraffic Data Analysis and Evaluation, 1996Tele-traffic Analysis, 1994 Switching and Transmission Maintenance CoursesTelular Corporation Technical Training Course, 1995Operation and Maintenance Course on the Fetex-150 Digital Switching System, 1994 Telecommunication Network Planning Courses. 

Switching Dimensioning and Network Planning, 1999

Digital System Planning, 1997



Qualifications/ Education


September 1987-July 1991

BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering Polytechnic of North London.  

September 1985- July 1987

HNC (Higher National Certificate) in Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and Production Engineering. Nene College, Northampton, England  1982-1985  ‘A’ Levels in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and General Paper.Achimota School, Ghana/Loughborough Grammar School, England 1977-1982'O' Levels in Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, English Literature and Music. Achimota School, Ghana. West Africa.    Technical Papers Presented Bridging the Digital DivideFourth African Telecom Summit. Accra, Ghana, 12th-14th March 2002.  Telecom Policy for AfricaInformation Technology and Exhibitions Conference. Accra, Ghana, 16th-17th May 2001. Broadband Versus Narrowband Technology: Access Options for West AfricaAfrican Information Technology and Exhibitions Conference. Accra, Ghana, 16th-17th May, 2002. Towards A Level Playing Field: The Public Interest in Regulating Communications Technologies, Quality of Service DeliveryAfrican Information Technology and Exhibitions Conference. Accra, Ghana, 16th-17th May, 2003. The Role of Broadband Technology in Quality of Service AchievementGhana Institution of Engineers: Telecommunications Day. Accra, Ghana, 2001.  Telecoms Revolution: The Need for Broadband TechnologyWorld Telecoms Day, Accra, Ghana, 2002. Telecommunications Services Available in GhanaNot yet published, 2003 xDSL Technology: A Solution for the Minister of Education and Ghana (won the Ghanaweb award) December, 2002.   Chronology       6th January 1993—25th October 1993    Orientation Programme 1. 26th October 1993—31st December 1993 Accra-North Tertiary Center, the only fixed trunk switching centre at the time, reporting to the Head of the Accra-North Tertiary Center. Professional responsibilities included switch maintenance, monitoring and maintenance of circuits. Title: Assistant EngineerLevel: 7[4] 2. 6th January 1994—31st July 1994Projects Department, which did both the planning and implementation of all the various required projects. I reported to the Head of the Unit. Professional duties were to assist in implementing the Ghana Telecom projects, namely, installing telephone switches. Successful projects included expansion of the Accra-North Telephone Switch. Title: Assistant EngineerLevel: 7 3. 1st August 1994—31st December 1994Accra-Central Local Switching Centre, again reporting to the Head of the Unit. My duties included both preventive and post-fault maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of the switch. Title: Assistant EngineerLevel: 7  4. 6th January 1995—31st December 1995Head of Dansoman Local Switching Centre. My immediate line manager was the TAM (Telecom Area Manager) of the Dansoman Exchange.  The Dansoman switching centre was different from the ‘normal’ switching centres because the ‘WLL’- Wireless Local Loop- equipment was coupled to the switch.  My professional duties included switch maintenance which involved:  

i.                    management of the Switching Exchange,

 ii.                 management of the switching personnel, iii.               ensuring optimum personnel quality delivery, iv.               drawing up and ensuring compliance with the shift-work schedule, because the exchange had to be monitored 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.


v.                  Tele-Traffic Management

traffic monitoring and decoding, switch and trunk modification, i.e., increasing circuits to match increasing traffic, re-allocation or diversion of circuits where necessary, vi.               office data modification,  vii.             modification of charging/billing data;  viii.          creation of new routes  for new exchanges both within and without Ghana Telecom, for cutovers, expansions, etc ix.               modification of telephone numbering schemes,  x.                  software upgrades xi.               switch monitoring to ensure the smooth operation of the switch and also avoidance of traffic congestion ensuring the smooth flow of telephone traffic,    5. 6th January 1996—31st December 1997Head of Achimota Local Switching Centre. Professional duties similar to that of the Dansoman Exchange duties.  Title: Assistant Engineer Level: 7 6. 6th January 1997—31st December 1997Head of Network Planning Department/Switching, where I headed the unit and worked directly to the General Manager of the Switching and Planning Units.  My professional responsibilities in switching unit included planning and dimensioning of the national telecommunications network for Ghana Telecom. This involved supervision of data collection such as waiting lists for telephone users, tele-traffic data, forecasting the tele-traffic demand based on tele-traffic data studies, the plans of the other telecommunications operators such as Westell, Spacephone, Celltell, etc.  Title: Assistant EngineerLevel: 7 7. 6th January 1998—November 1999During my period at the Planning Unit, I was called upon to do a re-location of the 3000 subscriber capacity Local Cantonments switch to the Teshie-Nungua Exchange. This was successfully completed.This was a useful exercise because it afforded me a rare opportunity to take a telephone switch apart completely, to see the various working components individually, and then to re-assemble the switch back together again. I derived a detailed practical knowledge of the theoretical knowledge that I had of automatic digital telephone switches and an in-depth practical knowledge of the internal workings of the principles of telephone switching in general and the HDX 10(Hitachi Digital Exchange) in particular. Title: Assistant EngineerLevel: 7 8. November 1999— 14th November 2004Head of Network Implementation Department/Pernec Switching Projects, where I headed the Section on Pernec Projects and eventually headed the whole Switching Unit. Successful projects included: (i)   The cut-over of the Cantonments exchange in December 1999 just before the y2k (Year 2000 or Year 2k) date of 1st January 2000. (ii) The 10 000 line expansion of the Madina Exchange from 13 000 lines to 23 000 lines, 20th June 2001. (iii) The 5 000 subscriber line installation of the Teshie-Nungua Switch which was cut over and commissioned on the 11th of February 2000.[5] (iv)             The 5 000 subscriber line installation of the Hohoe Switch on 26th of October 2002. (v)  The 1000 subscriber line Keta switch on 7th December 2001. (vi) The expansion of the Achimota Exchange from 8 kilo lines to 13 kilo lines and then subsequently from 13 kilo lines to 18 kilo lines in the 19th of December, 2001. (vii) De-congestion of the Call Processor CP02 onto CP03 in order to temporarily alleviate the congestion problem; (viii) etc. Title: EngineerLevel: 6  9. 15th November 2004 — 18th Sept 2007i.   Posted to Quality Management Department upon personal request.ii. My Purpose: to assist in achieving ITU standards using ISO certified processes and procedures.iii. Responsibility: quality of the national telecommunications network in Ghana.   also, process documentation and ensuring process compliance. I documented about 20 different processes successfully. Title: Chief EngineerLevel: 4  10. 19th Sept 2007 –Dec 2009 General Manager of Back Office, Call Centre (Solution Centre),                                  i.            over 100 staff,                               ii.            6 Managers,                             iii.            Broadband, Billing, IT, Mobile, Fixed & DIR, and one outsource Manager, for ECG.                            iv.            Project manager for 1st outsource project, i.e. ECG.                               v.            Network stability solution Title: General Manager/Back OfficeLevel: 3 11. 6th Jan 2009—31st Dec 2010Service Management (NOC) Dept. Service Transition Engineer. Duty was to ensure that the 400+ projects going live were properly executed to prevent any outages during transition to the live environment, and also after transition. So I ensure that issues like:                                                i.            adequate training of maintenance staff,                                             ii.            properly signed SLA’s including emergency contact numbers, etc.,                                          iii.            adequate power provisioning,                                           iv.            optimum conducive environment for optimum equipment performance, i.e. temperature, humidity,                                              v.            proper monitoring capability and alarm system by SM (Service Management) or NOC,                                          vi.            etcwere properly addressed before any project transitions into the live environment.This involved pro-active monitoring of projects—especially projects that address SPoFs (Single Points of Failure) on the National Vodafone Network. So my role is that of the SPoC- SPoF, i.e., Single Point of Contact for all Single Points of Failure on the National Vodafone-Ghana Network. SPoC- SPoFReporting to CTO’s Meeting (Chief Technology Officer), duties include catalyzing the SPoF-addressing projects to ensure speedy delivery. Title: Service Transition EngineerLevel: Level 3  2nd Jan 2011—date Enterprise Solutions Design EngineerPlanning and design solution (via Copper, Radio or Fiber) delivery to Enterprise Customers using sound principles in an efficient and cost effective manner. This includes the planning and design of Last-mile connectivity (via Copper, Radio or Fiber) to a customer’s premises and the professional hosting and configuration of Line-elements according to plan, undertaking detailed planning and design of solutions (FTTX and related implementation), providing oversight supervision of all implementations, and developing and implement strategy for implementation. Ensuring compliance for delivery to strategy.

Title: Enterprise Solutions Design EngineerLevel: Level 3 


 Table-Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Draught Squash, Swimming, Scrabble, Swimming, draughts, piano-playing. Qualified English Table-Tennis Association (ETTA) Coach. Currently part of the National team as a player. Played against the Nigerian team last month. 

[1] BENG—Bachelor of Engineering Degree from North London University

[2] BPO—Business Process Outsourcing

[3]   ECG Helpline No. : 611611      Generates “normal” revenue on fixed line      Generates “Call-forwarding” revenue on fixed line

      CUG (Closed User Group--350) Service on mobile

[4] The MD (Managing Director) was on Level 1.

[5] Alcatel Switch

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